Wednesday, April 30, 2014

List of Local Contemporary Art Galleries 

Mick Snutz Art Department has made a list of local contemporary art galleries in Frostburg Maryland and in Cumberland Maryland.

Some of the entries have thorogoing descriptions of the galleries, there is one video of a remarkable showin at one gallery...

...images and deeper lore from 2 of the galleries are awaited and will be added shortly after they will be gotten.

Here is a link to the web's page that has the list of galleries:  http://erikthevermilion.com/contemporary-art-gallery.htm

Only the galleries, that have the best taste, have been picked.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Symbolism Imagery Symbolizes Meanings 

I am sure that, by now, you are probably well aware, that symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings. It almost goes without bein said, any more.

It is tremendously important, in my opinion, to be a thoughtful, a canny, and an intelligent purchaser of art for sale online, or a producer of art for sale online.

I checked out the root of the word, "meanings", and found that it means thoughts, with intent. That means, that the expression, "symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings" throws us into a position, where we realize, that when we look, at one piece, of art work, it causes us to "intend" differently, from lookin at another piece.

The difference is in the symbolism imagery. Meanings are thoughts with intent. Symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings -- so that we must learn the unconscious meanings that the symbolism imagery symbolizes. Or else we are doomed. We will have unconscious intents, that we know not of, because that is what "unconscious" means -- it means "we know not of" it.

So, before we buy, or before we produce art, we better learn the unconscious meanings of symbolism imagery. The unconscious, not the conscious, meanings.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How Will The Destruction Of Rome Affect The Art Market? 

How Will The Destruction of Rome Affect The Art Market?

Part, of emergency preparedness, is to be prepared for the next phase of culture, that will come, after the emergency will be done. If you will invest, in art for sale, in that future time, then here are some considerations, for you.

The ilk, of the folks, who have contributed the most, to the subversive movements, in art for sale, will be destroyed, and will be extinct, not lon after the destruction of Rome.

That means that thousands of genres, of art for sale, will lose their value, while the more sane genres, of art for sale, will rise in value.

Who will be the new arbiters of taste? What will be the standard? What’s the alternative, to the highly funded art movements that have continued since the beginnin, of the church of rome, or even earlier?

The next advancement in standards, in art, will revolve around the psychology of unconscious, unknowin symbolism. I do not mean the type of symbolism wherein an organization uses a symbol to communicate to its insiders. I mean univeral unconscious, unknowin symbolism.

In uddawoids, the worth of art will be in part reckoned, by what it symbolizes, to the unconscious, unknowin mind.

The leader, in the symbology movement, has already begun to stand forward. They are known as the “Insider Art Movement”. If you are not familiar, you will be, if you are to be one of them, who will experience disaster survival.

For now, it looks as though the Insider Art Movement is goin to emanate (besides the internet), from the Bible Fixit Middles.

Look, there will come a time, when there will be a Perfect Master in your time, and it is up to you to determine whether or not you follow.

This is only part, of the right complete problem solution.

It helps the real new happier alternative com.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

This blog has moved 

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Best Source For Reproduction Oil Paintings 

Oil Portraits Review Of 1startgallery.com

1st-Art-Gallery.com is the biggest maker of handmade oil painting reproductions in the world. Also they offer oil portraits, made from your photo.

I found, by searchin, that they have been praised on ABC TV, NBC TV, Fox, and The Dish Network.

They offer many testimonials, from satisfied customers, who bought portraits from them, hand-painted in oil on canvas.  You can see the testimonials, in videos, and in print, when you click the link above.

I did a search, on the internet, and was not able to find any complaint about them. Therefore, I regard them as a good prospect for good work, if you are lookin!

Here are some of the features, of the company, for your perusal:

More than 50,000 paintings for you to choose from
Custom sizes
Stretching services
A 24/7 customer support

Particularly, customers said that First Art Gallery was the only place, where they could get full-sized reproductions of large paintings.

If you want, to read, about them, in more detail, click on this link: Oil Portraits

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Reproduction Oil Paintings of Famous Paintings 


FAMOUS PAINTINGS by clicking here


[article begins here]

Here, for you, is a description, of that famous painting, by Marcel Duchamp, who was one, of the pioneers, of modern art paintings.

The painter bound together about 20 sundry shots of a nude woman, and sundered, stripped, and lessened them, then lapped them over one another.

An art critic for a newspaper, called the New York Times, was named Julian Street. He wrote, that Marcel’s original painting looked, as if it were "an explosion in a shingle factory".

The artist said, that the stop-motion photography of Étienne-Jules Marey flowed into this fine art painting.

There was a book, that the artist may have seen, by a critter, by the name, of Eadweard Muybridge. That selfsame book was made in 1887. Animal Locomotion
was the title of the book. In it was a chain of twenty-four imitations, of a naked woman going down a stairs.
Marcel may have seen that book, before he created his abstract painting art.

Thomas Eakins, of the U.S.A., did also chains of likenesses movin in time. The painter may have seen these, as well as the others, before he made his oil painting.

 Art Oil Painting And Reproduction For Sale

Here is a video of a tune, havin the same title as the famous painting:

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Friday, June 17, 2005

HERE IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO to bring Heaven to Earth

by Tru Keesey

2 hours a day of the following activities. You can break it down into 15 minute sessions. After you have begun doing this, report to me for further instructions, at trukeesey @ verizon.net . In the "subject" field put "I am reporting to you".


  • Books or web articles about hatha yoga
  • The Holy Bible - Authorized King James version of 1611
  • The Mahabharata
  • The Ramayana

Listen to audio of Prem Rawat -- this is the most preferred activity.

If you are an initiate, practice the techniques you were taught in your initiation.

Hatha yoga.

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