Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Worshiping of God is now permitted every place on Earth.

Monday, May 03, 2004


Hi everybody. I just added a "Cartoons by Erik" collection in the art gallery. Watch for more cartoons being added, I have about 30-40 of them in my abode. Today I added the drawing "A Grazing Mace".

Saturday, May 01, 2004


At one time, the Scandinavian kings much preferred that their skalds (bards, or entertaining singing historians) be from Iceland than from any other place. Why was this? What took place in Iceland, to give such a talent for skaldry to the Icelanders? For several hundredyears Icelanders had been raiding in Ireland, and taking wives and also captives from Ireland. The Irish population of Iceland came to be 2/3 of the total population. So it wasn't Icelanders per se who were desired by the Norse kings, but Icelandic Irish hybrids.

Why was it that the Irish have been such recognized entertainers, historians, and popular musicians? I am going by memory here, and might even look it up after I get back to Clairvoyance, my abode, but, as I remember it was about 200 BC when the High Kings of Ireland made it a practice to subsidise all bards, or entertaining singing historians. Because they were subsidised by the king, their survival rate exceeded that of the folks of other trades, so that those, who were genetically predisposed to possess the bardic talent, became so numerous that there was not enough feed in the island to sustain all of its inhabitants. As the bardic population was disproportionately large, many of them had to be exiled, for the survival of the remainder of the folk.

Those of the bards, who remained in Ireland, were yet numerous, and, over the course of the centuries, their blood intermingled with that of the general population, until every Irishman and woman was strongly of the lineage of the bards. This lineage came to supply 2/3 of the gene pool in Ireland.

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