Friday, October 31, 2003

Alcohol Recovery 

For Immediate help click here for Alcoholics Anonymous online.

For immediate relief from dt's (delirium tremens) click here & then scroll down the page.

I heard about an alcoholic who had dt's and the creatures he saw were terrifying him by eating him alive. These are no hallucinations, by the way, but real creatures in the lower astral plane. You don't want to try to see them, unless under the guidance of your master or guru, Jesus Christ, an angel; so forth, so they can take you back out of the lower astral plane once you get to there. That is, assuming that you don't want to be terrified nor trapped, but that you want to be able to return.

A parrot came and began to eat all the creatures, and the parrot told the alcoholic that he would continue to eat them if the alcoholic would become a member and go to AA meetings.

So the fellow agreed to go to the meetings and to join AA, and now he has a happy and sober life. Alcoholics are biologically different from people who can control their drinking, it is not merely a mental state or a chemical addiction, but a genetic allergy involving the brain.

I have observed 3 institutions to cure people of alcoholism: 1) Alcoholics Anonymous 2) Amway and 3) hatha yoga at least one hour each day. I have also heard that churchgoing can help cure alcoholism, but only if you are really trying to surrender your will to God.

Oats are supposed to help prevent withdrawal pangs for all substances, and also a tea made from the wood chips of Tree of Heaven, or Quassia.

Today's Image

A happy shaggy dog, who is simultaneously a range rover, dark green of brownish caste, on a sandy piece of ground beside a piney wood, such as is found on the Canadian lake park near to Chateau Frontenac.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Today's Image

A farmer wearing a bulky straw-hat, raking dirt. It is a flat place, like Mississippi. He is pretty content.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Image of the Day:

Gee whiz. I expected to see more around Florida, Bimini area, but this time I got an eastern woods with a fox and a raccoon. Eastern North America in the autumn. They are going to the altar in the woods

In the woods

They are going to the altar in the woods.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Today's Image

A Hierophant of the Church of Rome. Red robe, gold embellishments. Looks like Wojtyla, the Papa.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Image for the Day

Looking south from a position in the atmosphere above Washington, District of Columbia. Atlantis is at 11:00. The Sun is out of view at 9:00, but the light is filling the South East, and lighting up Atlantis. Nibiru is coming from 11:30, about 10 degrees elevation, and radiating spiritual Sunlight from that direction. The whole impression is one of Brightness and well being focused on the Southeast, as viewed from Washington, District of Columbia.

Saturday, October 18, 2003


HEAVEN ON EARTH Do you think that the people of the Earth would benefit from contact with cultures other than their own? This site is about cross-cultural contact. You are welcome here, but satan is not.

I AM A PRIEST, not of men's making, but ordained by God. Christian seminaries were infiltrated in the nineteenth century, and the doctrines were changed.

BIBLE INCOMPLETE The New Testament says that Jesus spoke for hours and hours to the apostles about matters connected with the Kingdom of Heaven. These things are not recorded in the Bible. The Essenes, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Mormon, the (flawed) Urantia Book -- there are many literary sources to fill out the missing information. But the most "kernel" aspect is the internal connection with The Master, one's Maker, in real time. Real time. Not from the past. Real time.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN The word "Yoga" means being yoked to the Divine Purpose, being impelled by the Divine Impulse (from within one's self). Thus, Jesus was teaching Yoga. He said, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within [you]." For ordinary people, the physical Yoga practices are absolutely necessary for perfect health, longevity, and to prevent what is erroneously blamed on "aging", but is totally preventable by practicing Hatha Yoga. This has been amply demonstrated in India.

HEALTH INTELLIGENCE Physicians and other diagnosticians can gain quick intelligence from such sources as astrology and the Book of Changes. Astrology is not prohibited by Biblical law. The sections that have been quoted prohibit divination, witchcraft, and sorcery. Astrology is not any of those. There are and were explicit Hebrew words for astrology. These were not mentioned in the Bible's proscriptions.

THOUGHT On the way to here I saw a tiny plant growing in isolation in a dark pit. As I began the act of pitying the plant his location, he shouted out to me (in spirit) that he was overjoyed to be alive.

ABOUT MUSIC - I prayed earnestly on this one. Here is the reason why: I learned that researching has shown that jazz, rap, rock, and such "clanging and jarring" styles of music as these are, are harmful to life forms. For example the researching has shown a slowening of recovery from illness, a reduction of plants's growth, a reduction of milk's production in cows, all in comparison to hearing no music at all. Rap music has been used to repel salmon from dangerous areas of dams. They swim away from it. On the other hand, plants grow toward speakers playing classical music, but they grow away from speakers playing rock. Classical music hastens the recovery of patients, and it increases the growth of plants and the producing of cows's milk, in comparison with hearing no music at all. This also shows that plants are able to hear, or somehow to sense, music, even though they have no ears as we know them. Some, but not all, of this researching is told of in the book, "The Secret Life of Plants." Also, in the 1930's, was similar researching done about "jazz" "music" with similar results showing. Syncopation, for example, has been shown to upset the rhythm of the heart of the hearer. When the radio stations and other promoters first began to succeed in pushing jazz over on the public, the instincts of the preachers were against it, and research has shown that they were right. There was a slogan popular at the time, something like, "who put the `sin' in `syncopation'?"

Somehow, it came into my mind that the words of the song ought to be acceptable, even if the sound of the music is not. For example, somebody may have told this to me. The idea went against my instinct. So I prayed about it earnestly, and got an answer: yes, listen to good words even if there are bad sound patterns with them In other words, the words of a song have a greater effect ON INTELLIGENT BEINGS who understand the words, than have the musical sounds. But who knows? Maybe the words even affect the plants? I didn't pray about that question yet.

I have one more thing to add: the consciousness of the musicians is even more effective than are the words. So if a singer or performer is filled with Divine Joy, but singing some destructive kind o lyric, with horrid syncopated distorted sounds, it is still good, but not as good as if the words and the sounds were ideal.

The links to musicians's pages, which I chose for this site, were chosen with these principles in mind, but were chosen hastily, with the thought in mind that I would screen them more carefully later. There was once a song, "There Has to Be a Song for Every Mother's Son", and thus I have linked to genres that I would not necessarily listen to on my own, but which may be meaningful to some needy souls.


Erik the Vermilion

JOB SEEKING ADVICE (note: this is not a "help wanted" ad for people who want to get paid for seeking advice. There should be a hyphen between the words "job", and "seeking". But if there were, then there would be no opportunity for this joke, now would there?)

1) Go into business for yourself.

2) You are not looking for a job, you are looking for a compatible employer who cares about your well being and wants to help you to get ahead.

3) See if the other workers are happy. If they are happy, then you will be happy working there.


Any or all of the following:

1) Listen to God within yourself.

2) Physical exercise.

3) More attention to learning about nutrition, vitamins, and minerals.

4) Stop thinking of yourself and go do something for somebody else.

5) Be asleep at midnight. Get up before Sun's rising.


Physical exercise is a cure for indecision. Also, you can command yourself to decide by saying aloud, to yourself, "decide."


Evenings are for paying attention to her.

Tell her what you like about her all evening long.

Ask her what she would like you to change.


ERIK the VERMILION's first CD, "Happiness Teacher," is no longer available for sale.

A movie-maker, once overheard ERIK referring to CHRIST MAHARAJ JI as his Happiness Teacher. The guy later told to ERIK that he had been stricken by the phrase.

Some time afterward, the movie-maier asked to borrow some of ERIK'S old audio tapes of his playing and singing, for he was on the move -- he was making a movie. He wanted to use ERIK's music in the movie.

Owing to upgrade in staff and equipment, he went on to making other movies before finishing that one. However, he assembled THE BEST of Erik's old music from the tapes available to him, and burned a disk. The movie-maker named the collection, "HAPPINESS TEACHER."

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