Friday, January 23, 2004


Pastor Peters has compiled quotations from the Bible that show that the Sabbath is reckoned on the Solar calendar by counting from the first day of Spring. What he may not be aware of is that the first moment of Spring can be on different dates in different parts of the world, owing to the difference in time zones and the international date line.

I have to assume that the antecedent source of the modern Chinese Solar year and the source of the Hebrew solar year is the same; there are reasons to believe that Chinese writing is "cuneiform on paper" (in other words, cuneiform may have been learned by Chinese, who transferred it to paper), that the yarrow stalks of the I Ching may be similar to the Urim and Thummim of the Hebrew priests, the originator of the I Ching may have been Noah, and that much of Chinese reckoning shares a common source with the pre-Israelite sources of the Hebrew lore.

(in light of the revelation of the "Bible Code 2" that the tablets of Moses were on "Ridulian Crystal", and because Joseph Smith said that the Urim and Thummim were stones, therefore I may have to believe that the yarrow stalks are not comparable to the Urim and Thummim.)

The Essenes prepared Mary to bring Jesus into the world, and were the closest devotes of Jesus. This has been confirmed by Edgar Cayce. They and other of the earliest Christians used the Solar calendar also.

Pastor Peters has found, in the Bible, that the Passover and the Sabbaths are counted from the first day of Spring in such a way that they would fall about fifteen degrees of the sign of Aries. This is in accord with the Chinese way of reckoning the 12 divisions of the year, by the Solar method. Thus, I must assume that the intention was to have the Passover and the Sabbaths on the day when the Sun crossed 15 degrees of Aries.

Pastor Peters has found in the Bible also that the day was reckoned from midday to midday. The evening was reckoned from midday to midnight, the morning from midnight to midday. The details of all this can be obtained in the "passover" audio files on his site. He said that the Israelites fasted on the day before Sabbath and they feasted and rejoiced on the Sabbath's day.

Thus, this year, 2004, until the next time when the Sun will pass 15 degrees of Aries, I have reckoned that the Sabbath, in the Eastern time zone, is from Friday at midday until Saturday at midday, every week. That is this year, mind you, not every year.

Thursday, January 22, 2004


The Name of God is a name that cannot be spoken nor thought. In many instances it is called the Word of God, the Holy Name, or the Holy Word. Thus sometimes the phrase may refer to a written word, but at other times it refers to an unspeakable word, in essence a Universal Vibration that permeates everything.

Taking the Name of God, means to be revealed the experience within of inner peace, along with 4 techniques of access to the experience. This is the same experience that is being shown to the people of the world today by Prem Rawat.

The meaning of the 2nd/3rd commandment is that one will not be shown this inner experience of God without continuing to practice the techniques, so as to remain in the awareness of the experience thereafter.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


This is a bestselling book. There is a sequel, I have ordered it, but not seen it yet. In it there are future events coded into the Hebrew letters of the Bible. They have proven to be true. Some of them tell of catastrophes, then also say, that the catastrophies were prevented.

Several major catastrophic descriptions in our future, as of this keying (2004 January), are said to be prevented by the code of Moses, which means following the laws of Moses. The primary interpreter and teacher of the Laws of Moses at this time is a man by the name of Pastor Peter J. Peters, a.k.a. Pastor Peters, Pete Peters, etc..

According to Pastor Peters, the Law of Moses, and the traditional laws of the Children of Jacob are still in effect, excepting the animal sacrifices, which were symbolic of the future sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross, and the circumcision. The other laws of the covenant between God and the Children of Jacob are still in effect, and, according to Deuteronomy 28, the mess that the world is in is caused by their failing to adhere to these laws. It was foretold that their particular bloodline would be the people who would cheer the various nations (meaning races) of the Earth. Thus, in order to do this properly, they have to keep or adhere to following the Laws of Moses, along with the traditional laws.

It can be shown, by correlating a number of sources, that the Israelites (Children of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel) left the Assyrian captivity to become the tribes of Europe. I have to suppose that this was through mingling with other tribes as well as supplanting some of them, for the differences between the freckled race and the pale tanless race of The North are too distinctive to have had a common origin. It appears to me that the Hebrews were/are of the freckled variety, but of course now intermingled with the other, known variously as Frya's Folk, Pleiadeans, Teutons, Sueones, and so on.

According to the Book of Mormon, whenever the people of Jacob will return to following the law, then the other races who have been persecuting them will divide themselves into those who follow the good ways and those who continue to hate the Children of Jacob. Those who join with the Children of Jacob in accepting God's authority will be given Aeternal (Heavenly) beatitude, and the others will be annihilated.

If you check out the timetable that I have been compiling (temporarily unavailable), and collate it with the information about Prem Rawat (temporarily unavailable), then you can see, or soon will be able to see within 3 years, that it is through his influence that all this will be brought to pass.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


To the art page I added a new feature, Mandala Symbolism Glossary, and a definititon, as follows:

Animals -- Animals represent the instinctive urges.

My intent is to add one definition per day, six days per week, beginning with mandala basics taken from Jung's book. In practice, this will probably be two per week.


A man came to my door, having delirium tremens. He was asking for my help. He would stare in terror as the lower astral beings came at him to devour him alive. I would try to get his attention away from that by distracting him. Finally I put a cassette tape into the player, that began with the Allelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. The room became filled with the Holy Presence, and the man's heart became filled with joy and gratitude, and he knelt before the cassette's player and said, "Thank You Jesus".

Friday, January 02, 2004


2 Samuel 7:10

The Loving Guide of the children of Jacob/Israel is speaking to King David, through His mouthpiece, Nathan:

"Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel [the children of Jacob], and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more; neither will the children of wickedness afflict them as beforetime."

This is being spoken after the tribes of the Children of Jacob (who was renamed "Israel"), after they established themselves in Canaan land, now known as "Israel". So God is saying, He is going to put his people into another place other than the place presently known as "Israel". Other prophesies, scattered throughout the Bible, indicate that the place He had in "mind" is North America. This will be gone into in future Bible lessons, or you can find more about it by surfing the web, if you don't want to wait for me to tell you.

Another point is, well, the children of wickedness have been afflicting us still, so look out because that is going to end. The timetable for this can be found at my "What is Going on in the World" page.

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