Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Best Source For Reproduction Oil Paintings 

Oil Portraits Review Of 1startgallery.com

1st-Art-Gallery.com is the biggest maker of handmade oil painting reproductions in the world. Also they offer oil portraits, made from your photo.

I found, by searchin, that they have been praised on ABC TV, NBC TV, Fox, and The Dish Network.

They offer many testimonials, from satisfied customers, who bought portraits from them, hand-painted in oil on canvas.  You can see the testimonials, in videos, and in print, when you click the link above.

I did a search, on the internet, and was not able to find any complaint about them. Therefore, I regard them as a good prospect for good work, if you are lookin!

Here are some of the features, of the company, for your perusal:

More than 50,000 paintings for you to choose from
Custom sizes
Stretching services
A 24/7 customer support

Particularly, customers said that First Art Gallery was the only place, where they could get full-sized reproductions of large paintings.

If you want, to read, about them, in more detail, click on this link: Oil Portraits

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