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Pushya is rising, so this is going to be good. "Goyim" is a word that the two-niners (Revelation 2:9) use derisively to refer to the scattered sheep of the House of Jacob. I was once attending a psychic church in Arlington, VA, called the "Arlington Metaphysical Chapel", to which I used to humorously refer as the "Arlington Homosexual Chapel", and not without reason.

A psychic was there, who appeared to be from India, or at least from Pakistan or Bangladesh or Lanka. People would write stuff on slips of paper and fold it and tuck it, and all would go into a basket. He would go blindfolded, and pull a paper out of the basket, hold it up toward the upper side of his head, then call out the name of some deceased person or some other spiritual being, such as an American Indian spiritual guide, or, more rarely, an Ascended Master.

Most of the time it was a recently (within this lifetime) deceased relative of the person who wrote the paper. He would say, for example, "Does anyone know a 'Joan' who died about 3 years ago?" And someone from the congregation would holler, "that was my grandmother, she is welcome". Then he would listen to the ghost and give messages that the ghost felt were important to the relative in the congregation.

One time, the ghost showed to the Indian psychic in big letters a word that he had never seen or heard before, and he had no idea what it meant. It was the word, "Goy". The deceased relative in this case told the congregation-member that she could be a really good and spiritual person, if only she would rid herself of that word. He said "I don't know what this word means, but your grandmother Joan is telling me that you could be a really good and spiritual person, if only you would get rid of this word."

Aside: my own psychic advisor at the time was a reincarnation of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was, in this life's time, friends with the leader of the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel. He told me that, in "spirit side" it was a mob scene there, every time they gave psychic readings. He said the room was full of ghosts, saying "Let me talk". "No, let me talk."

Pastor Peters has taught that the word "goi" or "goy", the plural being "goyim", means "nation". Until recently, and in the Bible, the word "Nation" means a group of tribes who are all descended from the same individual.

The word "race" has a similar meaning to the words "nation", "tribe", or "family". A tribe is a group of families, and a nation is a group of tribes. "Nation" is from the Latin "natus" meaning "birth", or being born into a particular bloodline.

Now let's analyze the word race in much detail. "Race" literally means a stream of water. If you live in the Iscos, you can travel for only a few minutes, and you will see a race. A creek, stream, run, crick, lick, brook, race, it's all the same thing. So a race is a stream of water. In the Wescos, there isn't hardly no water, so you might be a little harder put to find a race in your neigborhood. I live in Appalachia, which is in the Iscos, and, so, we have lot of water, and races are everywhere to be found.

This word "race" has been used metaphorically to denote any bloodline. For example, in the Odyessey, Odysseus refers to Telemachus as his "race". In the Library of Congress, I found a book that was written in French. I was researching the ancestry of the Dukes de Guise. The book was, I think, about 400 years old, a reproduction. The word "race" was used for dynasties of kings. For example, the Capetian dynasty was called "The race of Hugh Capet". The Merovingian dynasty was called "The race of Merovee", and so forth. Paraphrasing now. This word "race" is apparently French and not English. "Bloodline" is probably an English equivalent, except for the fact that the French word "race" is used metaphorically. Even the root "line" in "bloodline" requires a visualization of a diagram, which is an abstract of a concept. There is no real line going from father to son, but the diagram has a line in it. I said it would be great detail, didn't I? Didn't I?

The Bible, and this is again according to Pastor Peters, uses the words "goy" and "goyim" sometimes to mean the numerous nations of Israelites who for thousands of years had been quitting the land of Palestine and wandering in various parts of the world, such as beyond Iraq, and in the Isles of Tarshish, which means Britain and Ireland. At other times, the Bible uses the words "goy" and "goyim" to mean any nation that is not of the House of Jacob, in other words, not an Israelite.

So watch out. The translations of the Bible use sometimes the word "nations" and sometimes the word "gentiles". But it is incorrect to define these words as meaning "non-Jews". It is also incorrect to define "Israelites" as "Jews". "Israelites" includes the many tribes who left the Palestine land and formed nations elsewhere, using different names, such as Kimmeroi, Iberians, and so forth.

Monday, April 19, 2004


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Here is how my friend deals with mothmen, evil spirits, greys, and so forth. So far we have seen these only in other dimensions, not physical beings.

Do whatever you feel is correct. I personally don't feel a need for a by-line.
I would like to etit this at some point, but it gives you a general idea....

--- The most important thing is for the individual to testify and witness to
all spirits. Many denominations believe Jesus entered into Hell after his
death. He did enter into Hell, but it is not like you would think with torture
and stuff. It is just a complete feeling of hopelessness that permeates your
entire being (or should I say spirit). Anyway, He entered into Hell to testify
and witness to spirits that were already considered lost. That's my basis
behind what I do, and the fact God told me to.

The major testimony needed is the love of Jesus and God for us all. For God so
loved the world... and us in it. I give a brief description of what Jesus'
life was like, sometimes I include the story of his birth. I tell of his
battle with Satan (the second important part). The Devil is out to steal,
deceive and kill. Many of these spirits to be witnessed to know this
first-hand, so I describe how he did all of these things against the Son of
God. I tell of the great debt Jesus took upon himself when nailed to the
cross. All of the sins of the world were heaped upon him as he was dying.
Hope was removed from his immediate being. When he died, the sins of the world
died with him. That is what was finished on that cross. I stress the point he
died for our sins so we do not have to die for them. The Devil rejoiced after
Jesus died. He did not know the great victory that just been won. He thought
he had killed the Son of God, which is why the resurection was so necessary.
Jesus returned to preach the good news, which is - Death, Deceit, and stealing
can all be conquered through HIM. THe Devil has no more power over a person
who truly believes he is completly saved and covered in the blood of The Lamb.
I give the spirits an opportunity to repent for their sins and return to their
eternal kingdom in Heaven. For those who remain, I explain there will be a
time when God will no longer accept their repentence and they will be cast into
Hell forever. There may never be another tomorrow to repent.

I ask God to take the spirits who do confess and provide them wonderful homes
in Heaven.

That's how I do it, but it is more important to not memorize and recite what
I've said, but to speak directly from your heart and tell of your salvation. A
canned prayer won't win anyone over. A heart-felt witnessing will be greater
than anything I could type here and now.

Remember some spirits are malicious, but you are covered in the blood of The
Lamb. If you do not feel completely protected by God and you still have fears,
DON'T TRY THIS. THis is only for those who are ready to enter into battle
fully clothed. Other spirits are scared or angry, try to feel their feeling
and talk to each concern. I had to convince a spirit once that while it was
talking with me and when it decided to go to Heaven the Devil could no longer
harm it. It was more scared then I could have ever imagined.

Remember, most of these spirits were just like you and me once, they know human
emotions, but so did Our Savior!

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

MUTANTS -- Third version

Ants who never speak.


I was in Silver Spring, MD. The decade -- well, that doesn't matter, does it? I was on the sidewalk of Georgia Avenue, near to the MacDonald's restaurant that was then there. I beheld, on the sidewalk, a queue of ants.

They were walking around a spilled MacDonald's milkshake, and avoiding it to get food from a spilled coca cola.

PASSOVER - difference in timing between Jews and Jesus's people.

Rameses II and his Dad were both Canaanites. This is why they hated the Children of Jacob so dreadfully. The Canaanites had taken over the Egyptian government. Also this is why there are so many of the scarabs to be found in Egypt.

The scarab is the "dung beetle". This, to the Canaanites, is a symbol of the "god of shit", which is the meaning of the name 'Beel ze Bub". That is the meaning behind the name of the "Beatles",

it is the reason why the children in the tv cartoon go into the sewer and ask advice from a turd there. Because these movie-makers, entertainers, and so forth, are the descendants of the Canaanites, and they know it. They are the "two-niners" (Revelation 2:9).

It is another name for Lucifer, to whom the two-niners pray. Whenever they mention "God" in their conversations with others, it is a camouflage for the fact that they are referring to Lucifer, and not to The Almighty God, who is our sponsor.

The Almighty God promised the Children of Jacob that their brethren would be set free if they would practice the celebration of The Passover properly. For this reason,

the Canaanites have attempted to becloud the regulations for the celebration of the passover.

A lot of this information I got from Pastor Peters. He said he gets his information from many people, who send it to him. The Essenes, who were the core support group of Jesus's advent, and with whom Jesus worked closely,

and who, according to Edgar Cayce, prepared Mary for bearing Jesus, unlike the Jews, used Solar calendar for timing the passover. Thus the day when the Sun enters 15 degrees Aries (the sixteenth degree) will be the correct day to start the festival.

This year, 2004, Sun passed into 15 Aries Sunday April 4 at 1:43 am mean Greenwich time. Pastor Peters has presented convincing scriptural argument that Hebrews began their days at midday, not at evening twilight.

It was the Canaanites who arranged to confuse the time of the beginning of the day, and thus to confound the proper performance of The Passover. Now, depending upon where you are on Earth,

1:43 am mean Greenwich time could have been either between Saturday noon and Sunday noon, or it could have been between Sunday noon and Monday noon.

For example, in New Caledonia, New Zealand, and Fiji, it was already after midday on Sunday when Sun went into 15 Aries. But in most of the rest of the world, it was still between midday Saturday and midday Sunday.

So, for the rest of the year, according to the explanations of Pastor Peters, combined with this type of time reckoning, in those time zones, Sabbath will be on Sunday the entire year, whereas in most of the rest of the world, it will be on Saturday.

I use the expression, "midday" instead of noon, because I was told that "noon" comes from the "nones" or ninth hour prayers, which occurred about 2 pm normally. Hence it is inappropriate to call midday "noon".

On the technical side, midday is not always at 12 pm exactly. I have Llewellyn George's "Planetary Hour Book" which gives a pretty close approximation of the exact time when the Sun passes the upper meridian.

But it is to be borne in mind that this represents the time at the time zone meridian, not the time at your own latitude, unless you live smack on the time zone meridian.

You have to compensate 4 minutes of time for each degree of distance between your location and the time zone meridian. Time zone meridians are every 15 degrees.

If you are east of yours, then add the adjustment to your clock's time, and if west, subtract.

Or do the reverse to the time in the book, add if you are west, and subtract if you are east, to bring the book and the clock into synch.

The Children of Jacob, who was renamed "Israel" are told to keep leaven away during the Feast of the Passover. "Leaven" is shown, in Biblical passages, to mean the teachings of the pharisees. Modernly, the leaven descendants of the Pharisees,

and they know who they are even today, the "leaven of the Pharisees" refers to television, movies, entertainment, bestsellers, school programs, and any form of communication that they can use.

Hence, in order to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees" as per the instruciton of Jesus Christ, one must avoid television, public schools, colleges, bestsellers,

and institutions connected with the United Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches, to name but a few of the institutions that must be avoided in order to comply with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Not just to avoid them, but to remove them.

MUTANTS -- This is a revision of April 3rd's blog, with some new material added.

It appears to me that some mutations are "random", and that others are arranged by angels. It appears that races and species originate when angels create a preordained pattern of mutations in one particular individual, or one group being born at about the same time.

Thus, my Twin Flame, who is 32 years younger than am I, has a more "modern" or advanced set of genes, while mine were old fashoned at birth. However I have had a genetic makeover. Why don't you ask God for one for yourself or for your loved one?

This is added April 6 2004: There are also races that have been created by natural anc by artificial selection, but I have been told emphatically that species are not created this way.

For example, in the canary island, each island has its own race of canaries with different genes from the canaries on each of the other islands. That is natural selections.

The Protestants and the Roman Catholics have tended to form each of them a new race within their own cult. But there is still a lot of cross mixing there. I am an example of this -- my great-grandfather was a Dunkard

(Church of the Brethren) and he married a Roman Catholic girl. In my Daddy's generation, they were given the choice of which church to join. My Daddy and his Ma chose the Protestant churches,

while she later joined her other two sons in the Roman Catholic one. And likewise the atheists and two-niners (Revelation 2:9) have been forming separate races. The Hollywood acting families have begun to do something like this,

where a Motion Picture family weds into another of the same. I have heard that circus families also wed togher in this way. Long ago the European nobility formed a separate race by artificial selection.

Saturday, April 03, 2004


It appears to me that some mutations are "random", and that others are arranged by angels. It appears that races and species originate when angels create a preordained pattern of mutations in one particular individual, or one group being born at about the same time.

Thus, my Twin Flame, who is 32 years younger than am I, has a more "modern" or advanced set of genes, while mine were old fashoned at birth. However I have had a genetic makeover. Why don't you ask God for one for yourself or for your loved one?

Thursday, April 01, 2004


Often in our modern world, birth is in homely cozy private friendly environments and the baby is given intimacy with their mother immediately. The tendency to eagerly participate in incarnate experience is encouraged by sucking on Mother Earth, that is, by breast-feeding.

The warm comfortable nipple is offered to the tiny mouth seeking primal connection, and the eyes of the infant seeking to identify its new location in this third dimensional, or solid, place are met with eyes that understand.

Thus the baby immediately feels at home in their body in this environment where there are healing hands and reassuring eyes. They begin life with a sense of being welcomed to the Earth's plane.

Then during early childhood, this welcoming is compounded by a culture that encourages attunement to spirit. As a result the child learns to fire up. It is this profound welcome and groundedness that is the cause of cosmic and wholistic poise and balance. Mid-life awakening can arouse many agreeable and inspiring sensations.


The Old Testament was not meant to be an accurate chronolgy. It is a multi-purpose tool, intended for many levels of understanding. The priests wanted to instruct simple people, while concealing deeper meanings within the content. Also there is a lot of numerology information, and, according to recent bestselling research reports, a code.

The Hebrew parts were written without vowels, and without breaks between the words. They were written oh! so cleverly, so that the priests could break the words in different places and add different vowels, to preserve their secret private teachings, meant for their eyes only.


One time

I, Erik the Vermilion, was volunteering for Head Start in Marshall, VA. My job was to teach the kids, who were mostly black, ages 6-14, how to draw. I thought that I would show them how to make a face, with eyes, nose, hair, ears, teeth, lips, and so on.

I drew a face and waited for them to copy my movements. They just weren't getting it. Finally I drew a stick man, showed it to them, then step by step drew another. They were able to follow each step, and to draw stick men.

I was verily disappointed that they couldn't draw a face, or anything better than a stick figure. But the director and the students were ecstatic. For them, being taken from point zero to a stick figure was a monumental stride.

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