Monday, December 29, 2003


History of Erik's Artistic Career

The art teachers in the public school system were enemies of our people, and always tried to discourage me from doing well in art. The exception was my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Khalkhali. I once sketched a scene that I was going to color in, I think, cray pas. It was the Massachussetts Avenue, Washington, DC bridge over Rock Creek, seen from below and a short distance away. She liked the sketch very much, and began putting in a stroke here, then a stroke there, then she finished the whole piece from my sketch, said it was so good that she was going to award me the only second A+ grade that she had ever given in her entire career. In other words, all I did was a rough sketch, and she finished the whole thing herself, then gave me the grade for what was as much her creation as it was mine.

Shortly after I moved to Frostburg MD, I met a young man from Guadalajara, Mexico, whose name was Daniel Neufeld. He is a typical Pleiadean, excepting that his hairs are red instead of blond. He is tall, full of goodwill, and likes to spend every moment of his life in celebration. From him and from others in Frostburg, I acquired more of an awareness of ray IV, the artist's ray. This guy Daniel would play and party and paint from the time he awoke until sleep. He would paint a mural on his girlfriend's wall, then assemble a group of friends to watch a movie, then paint a tee shirt to give to a friend, then have a group of friends over for dinner. This would never stop. I wish I could have my attitude to be more like his. It was really fun to be around him. He painted a tee shirt for me and also gave to me this untitled work [on the web page this is a link] in pastels, which typifies the type of style in which he excels. The white marks are reflections from some film wrap used to protect the glass in the scanner. I learned a couple things from him, one that life can be fun all the time, and two that abstract art doesn't have to be crap. After a few months he returned to Guadalajara, and I misplaced his mailing address after a few letters/cards. He is mentioned on the internet in relation to art fairs that have happened in Guadalajara.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


What is the opposite of excrement? (scroll down for answer)

ANSWER: increment

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Today I fixed some links on the "Solve Your Problem" page, and added a link to NA for help with drug addiction.

Here are the links that I fixed, if your problem is:
creative block (indecision)
health (Kingdom of Heaven)

Also I improved the appearance and navigability of the "Music" page.

Friday, December 12, 2003


Zechariah 1:19 "....These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem."

Erik's Comment - By this we see that Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem are not locations, but groups of people, who have been scattered.

Zechariah 2:5 "...Jerusalem shall be inhabited as towns without walls for the multitude of men and cattle therein."

Erik's Comment - A Jerusalem without walls must be a different one from the original, holding the people who were scattered from the first Jerusalem.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


Maybe I won't do the images any more. If You miss the images, then email to me and tell me so, maybe I'll continue them then. Otherwise, maybe not. I Love You.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


One being or creature with many different forms. I see the being as an angelic type being, loving me very much, facing toward me, looking at me. It is at once the White Buffalo Calf Woman, The Good Fairy, The Good Witch of the North, and Jesus Christ. It is India and Babaji. It is the Sun within the Sun.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003




In the 2003 Oktober 31 blog I added a link to Alcoholics Anonymous online realtime "groups and email groups links" page.

This blog is linked to the word, "Alcohol" in the "Solve Your Problem" page.

Monday, December 08, 2003

This is the third blog today.


I deleted the following from the "Criteria for Any product"
section of the "World Records" page:

"With any purchased product, the flowing of money must be considered as a part of the equation. How does the supplier of the product spend his (that includes "her") money? Is he careful to consult God within himself before deciding where to put the money gained by the sale of the product, in this case a car?"

I thought that the products ought to stand or fall on their own merit, rather than the merit of him who may sell them.

This is the second blog today


I just updated the "Photos" page as follows:

Added "Past Lifetimes and..." to title

Added the following text:

Erik was in the French Nobility during the time of Louis XVI. His Twin Flame was beheaded by the diabolical forces.

Erik was one of the early Mormon pioneers. It remains to be seen which one.


ERIK the VERMILION's first CD, "Happiness Teacher," is no longer available for sale.

While Erik the Vermilion was living in Frostburg, Maryland, about 1998, a local movie-maker, once overheard ERIK referring to CHRIST MAHARAJ JI as his Happiness Teacher. The movie-maker later told to ERIK that he had been stricken by the phrase.

Some time afterward, the movie-maker asked to borrow some of ERIK'S old audio tapes of his playing and singing, for he was on the move -- he was making a movie. He wanted to use ERIK's music in the movie.

Owing to upgrade in staff and equipment, the movie-maker went on to making other movies before finishing that one. However, he assembled THE BEST of Erik's old music from the tapes available to him, and burned a disk. He named the collection, "HAPPINESS TEACHER."

Saturday, December 06, 2003


A mushroom. Long stem, red cap, beneath huge oak in forest. Diffused sunlight coming through foliage at upper left. This accompanies a feeling of the planetary spirit of the undiscovered planet Apollo, which is the same as Aegir and Karna. It is the planet of poets and fairy rings. Or else it is another planet that I have confused with that one.

Thursday, December 04, 2003


A fragment.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


To the "Solve Your Problem" page, I just added a link to some advice about how to quit drinking. Look for "Alcohol" in the list of problems, under the heading "FIRST STEP IS FREE".


Today I restored the page "About Erik the Vermilion", which previously was lost. It is linked to the home page. Also, I added the "World Records" page, which was missing from the new home page.

Today's Image

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Jack frost nipping at your nose. Just kidding.

Today's Image:

A meso-American festival with a lot of red and yellow plumes in costumes. Could this be Mexico/Aztec, or some other I don't know. Actually it was Quetzalcoatl Himself, who IS a festival wherever He goes, that is to say, He infects others with the festive spirit of celebrating.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Today I added more links to pictures of mandalas, again, to the art page.

Here are the titles of the links:

Alida Birch Mandala
Anemone (7 links)
Basket in Catholic Church
Easter Egg
Flower (8 links)
Flower, Lotus, Stylized
Fractal (2 links)
Galaxy (9 links)
Galaxy, Whirlpool (4 links)
Glare from the Horsehead Nebula
Graphic (5 links)
Indian Coin
Light Show (2 links)
Magnetic Field, Jupiter's
Magnetic Field Lines
Magnetic Field--RHIC Superconducting Magnet
Magnetic Field--Stellarators
Mandala 1
Navajo Sand Painting (13 links)
Nebula, Ring
Paper, Folded (2 links)
Pentagram 1
Quilt (3 links)
Sand Dollar (4 links)
Sand Mandala of Asia 1
Sand Mandala of Asia 2 - Lotus
Sculpture 1
Snowflakes (2 links)
Snowflakes Maker
Snowflakes, Paper
Star (3 links)
Starfish (11 links)
Starfish, Fanciful
Sun (9 links)
Sun's Magnetic Corona
Swastika in India (3 links)
Tibetan Medicine Buddha Mandala (3 links)
Tree Rings
Whirlpool (3 links)
Yantra Lotus


I have added links to the art page, showing images of mandalas and medicine wheels, and explaining them. Also I have added another of my junk drawings for sale. See navigation links below the page's headline.

Today's Image:

First I saw my childhood pet cocker spaniel, Taffy, who the Indian/Jamaican psychic told me was a reembodiment of a sweetheart of mine from ancient Egypt. Then I saw an angel telling me to urgently go to another part of this room, which I did, and made eye contact with a woman in a computer class, thus giving to her premie darshan. These were both rather personal images, so I'll try again.

A weird garden on a distant planet, which is far out from its own Sun. There is a lot of joy, but not as much as there would be if the Lo'ward Himself were there, or if they were here on Earth, where He is.

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