Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Symbolism Imagery Symbolizes Meanings 

I am sure that, by now, you are probably well aware, that symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings. It almost goes without bein said, any more.

It is tremendously important, in my opinion, to be a thoughtful, a canny, and an intelligent purchaser of art for sale online, or a producer of art for sale online.

I checked out the root of the word, "meanings", and found that it means thoughts, with intent. That means, that the expression, "symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings" throws us into a position, where we realize, that when we look, at one piece, of art work, it causes us to "intend" differently, from lookin at another piece.

The difference is in the symbolism imagery. Meanings are thoughts with intent. Symbolism imagery symbolizes meanings -- so that we must learn the unconscious meanings that the symbolism imagery symbolizes. Or else we are doomed. We will have unconscious intents, that we know not of, because that is what "unconscious" means -- it means "we know not of" it.

So, before we buy, or before we produce art, we better learn the unconscious meanings of symbolism imagery. The unconscious, not the conscious, meanings.

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